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So, We’re Having A Baby

Our youngest, is about to turn 10 (on May 11). We thought we were “done” having children, but God had other plans. Isn’t that how it always goes???

I’m pregnant, and frankly, we’re excited and a little surprised. I am in my early 40s, and if I were to go by what the mainstream collective mind says, I should have difficulty even getting pregnant. But this has not been the case. I feel excited and incredibly honored (that God would give me another chance to expand my heart and love a 3rd child). It also means our plans for the year (well my plans) have to shift. This is the part where I am just scratching the surface.

How will having a 3rd child impact the other two? And how does this age gap of 10yrs and 12yrs affect the dynamic of our household?

These are the mysteries that will soon unfold. Until then, my focus is keeping morning sickness to a minimum, and making sure my husband is ready for random food cravings which will lead him to M-A-N-Y trips to the store, at all hours of the day and night. *SoMuchFun
xo Sojourner

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