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Ballin’ When They’re Not Ballin’

Sometimes I think my sons are just limitless with energy.
Maybe all parents think that??

But, seriously…I really question where this energy comes from.

  • They each play 3 sports (competitively)
  • They each have cross-training workouts, 3x per week (strength, speed, agility conditioning and running)
  • They each have team practice 2x per week (Milo – Baseball, LJ – Soccer)
  • They each have a full day of camp (for now until school starts then a full day of school)
  • They each have daily summer work to complete. Full on workbook of materials and 3 books to read. So it’s like daily homework (yes it was like pulling teeth to get them to do it the first 2 weeks of summer because they were like “hello, it’s summer!” Totally understood their point?)

Anyway… The question is,  on a Sunday, when none of the above are scheduled and the day if completely open to their hearts desires… They want to: GO PLAY BASKETBALL. Like, for real, get each other hyped up, trash talking, 1-on-1 basketball. ??‍♀️

Not mad at the jump shot form.

And, that hook shot is correct.

I love these dudes with all my heart. But with all this activity, their hunger has increased (it was already on 10).
Our grocery bill is ridiculous.

xo Sojourner

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